Black Youth Network seeks to amplify the work of young African-American leaders, changemakers and youth-led businesses, movements and organizations.

Our Mission

The mission of Black Youth Network is to connect and empower young African-American leaders who are making positive contributions to their communities, our culture, society and beyond. Black Youth Network seeks to create, promote and provide funding, mentorship, networking, training and resource opportunities for young leaders and youth-led organizations.

What We Do

  • The Network - Black Youth Network hosts a national network of young African-American leaders and youth-led organizations connected through virtual and in-person events to encourage resource-sharing, collaborative efforts and meaningful partnerships.

  • Resource Hub - Black Youth Network hosts a digital and physical resource library of scholarships, grants, mentorship opportunities, trainings and other resources made available for African-American leaders and youth-led organizations.

  • Advocacy - Black Youth Network works to raise awareness of challenges, issues and causes that impact the lives of African-American youth.